Curious Layout Bug

• Mar 9, 2024 - 17:52

This is a strange event that happens when I use the 'line break' from the Layout Palette. Look at the trumpet part


The cause is well known. You use and abuse the feature "Keep measures in the same system". And this causes layout problems. I quote an excerpt (see links below): "Originally introduced for the purpose of keeping together 2- and 4-bar repeats, it has since become abused to achieve other things."

I've removed a number of these signs - image below - that were hidden by the multimeasure rests (in Trumpet part) and you can see that it's already much better. See now: 1Can't Stop The Feeling.mscz

A word of advice: I assume that you use these symbols as you enter the notes. You should wait until the very end of note entry, and then I think you'll hardly need these signs at all: system breaks, scale, measures spacing and possibly margins and spaces between staves are all you need for an efficient (and faster) layout.

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Thanks for your research. I've never used the feature but it pops up automatically when the two and four bar repeats are plugged in. It seems the symbol never goes away and gets embedded across the score on parts that don't have the multi-repeat.
To solve my problem, I removed all the '*' and re-mapped the offending parts. Thanks for your assistance.

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