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• Mar 6, 2024 - 02:48

I need instructions to make music print bigger on the paper - - FOR 4.2, PLEASE - -

Format / Page Settings / Scaling allows me to make notes look enormous on the screen which I don’t need, and there’s nothing else I can do to make any difference to the printed copy. Apply To All Parts button is pointless.

One wonders why one bothers to keep updating one’s software when all the help available is for some version that was superseded five years ago. Many thanks in anticipation.


You wrote:
Format / Page Settings / Scaling allows me to make notes look enormous on the screen...

Sure, it allows that, but why intentionally make notes look enormous?
Using Format / Page Settings / Scaling, avoid cranking the value of Staff space (sp) up to such an undesirable setting. You can observe the score change as you click the up/down arrows, or you can use the mouse wheel to "spin" the values higher/lower.

Scaling is the way to go if you want the music to appear bigger on the paper.

If you want the notes to appear smaller on the screen, use the zoom out feature.

If you are looking at your score in MuseScore using page view, you will see how big your notes are relative to the page, but you can still zoom in and out to make it appear big or small on the screen.

And this did not change between version 3 and 4 as far as I understand.

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If I understand correctly, you want the notes on the parts to be larger, but in the score they should remain normal size.

You need to know that the page formatting in the parts can be selected independently of the score. So, create the parts and format the pages there with a different, larger scaling value. If you carry out formatting in one part, "Apply to all parts" also works.

Attached is a PDF in which I have made these adjustments using MuS 3.7. I am sure it works similar in MuS 4.

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> If only I could do it myself.
Ok, I don't know the detailed behavior in MuS4 because I can't use it. Maybe there is a regression to MuS 3.x.

However, try the following:

  • Create the parts
  • Go to the window of a part and change the scaling under Format -> Page settings until it fits. Do not change the scaling of the score itself.
  • Apply "Apply to all parts" there. If this does not work in MuS4, you will have to change the scaling of each part individually.

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Wow! Thank you so much! I'm half way home! That seems to have fixed it, one page at a time. Apply to all parts didn't work though. Have to change each part individually.

Yes. Seems like I might have been better off without the last two updates. Thank you very much. You've been very helpful.

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