[Feature Request] Import and play audio files in Sync with the Rest of the Project

• Mar 5, 2024 - 11:07

Doesn't you think it will be nice if Musescore can import and play audio file in sync with the project?
I think it would dramatically increase the usability and also the way people work with Musescore and the use of musesound.

It doesn't need to be the complex thing, just one audio file at times and no editing capabilities is enough for the starter, as long as it can play in sync with the rest of the project.

One use case I can give is:
When people want to make EDM music (which is pretty hard to make in notation software) but also want to incorporate orchestral element in it and want to use musesound specifically, people can just make the EDM part in other DAW, then import rendered audio file to Musescore, make the orchestral part, render it and mix in other DAW.


Yes. I would love to see this added. It seems like a no brainer as MuseScore already owns StaffPad (the iPad App) which can do this perfectly so it should be easy enough to integrate a similar system on MuseScore.

In my case the need is for transcribing guitar parts. You can see how easy this is to set up in Staffpad here


Unfortunately, Staffpad really doesn't like my handwriting and doesn't include guitar specific notation so I am currently stuck with Guitar Pro which I really dislike but at the moment it is the best of a bad bunch. If MuseScore had this ability it would be the clear winner by a long way.

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