How Do I Create My Own Templates?

• Mar 5, 2024 - 00:46

I am on Microsoft Windows, Musescore 4.2.1.

I want to create my own custom template of a concert band, as the ones that are there aren't quite to my liking.

I have looked at some older forum posts, but they all seem to relate to versions of Musescore prior to 4.0.0. I tried following the instructions in this post, but I couldn't get the template to show up in the "New score" window ( I tried going into the "07-Band_and_Percussion" folder and putting my template into a new folder titled "10-Custom_Concert_Band", but it still didn't load.

When I looked into the folders already there, I see other files, like a folder called "META-INF" and two .json files called "audiosettings" and "viewsettings". Are these required for Musescore to recognize the template? If so, is there a way to generate them?

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Create your score. Save As to the Template folder in your MuseScore main folder. To use it later, score, Select "From Template", select "My Templates" down on the left.

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