AUTO-RENEW posted to my VISA without my request nor consent?

• Mar 4, 2024 - 18:03

I made a purchase with MuseScore on March 3, 2023
Yesterday, A New Subscription was added to my VISA for $97.59 without my consent nor request.
I would life to have that refunded and ensure that another Renewal is NOT posted to my VISA next month.

I know you have access to my VISA because you posted the Renewal this March 4th.

Please get in contact with me by e-mail: or by phone 613 834 5091.
Many thanks
Margaret Tourond-Townson
Ottawa Canada


In reply to by Shoichi

Sorry guys I have no idea who JOJO is... and I cannot figure out what to do with that list .. There is no advice how to get a refund of $97.59 NOR how to avoid an AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.... This is my 2nd year at trying to escape the 'clutches' of PRO+ MUSESCORE!! I am not doing very well! I will have to contact Scotiabank and see if they can help me with my VISA.... Oh dear!
margaret 613 834 5091

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