Wind Instrument Fingering Diagram

• Mar 4, 2024 - 02:02

A pallet for creating wind instrument diagrams would be immensely useful both for as educational tool (for creating fingering charts) and as a compositional tool (for notating multiphonics).
Diagrams would be useful for the following instrument families:
- Flute / Piccolo
- Oboe / English Horn
- Clarinet
- Bassoon / Contrabassoon
- Saxophone
- Recorder
- Brass (for 3 or 4 valved instruments and the option to show "T" for trigger if for french horn)

As trombonists use numbers to notate slide position, I would assume a "slide diagram" for trombone would not be necessary.

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I'm guessing this diagram be created using a similar pallet to the harp pedal diagrams, where a diagram is generated through user selected inputs, the user choosing which "keys" are pressed and which ones are not.

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