tin whistle not selectable in instruments

• Mar 4, 2024 - 01:24

I need to select tin whistle as instrument in order to use the tin whistle tab plugin.
Unfortunately there is no tin whistle instrument to select. Flagoletto inglese not works with the plugin.
I am confused about missing instruments, anyone else was stuck on this problem?
I have tried version 2 and 4 of MuseScore and there is the same problem. Do i have to "enable" some instruments in order to made them selectable? How?


Solved, but...
Tin whistle is normally to find in the english version. So just switch to English in settings.
In other languages not necessarily. In my polish its called "pemperino". And of course, it has nothing to do with polish.
Its just sad that the tin whistle can not be found by searching by the english or polish (maybe any national) name. I guess that pemperino only musicians recognize what it is.

When I look at "All Instruments" and type "tin" into the search box, it finds "Tin Whistle" with a drop-down to choose between "C", "Bb", and "D" whistles. It's listed in the "Woodwind" section. (I also saw something labeled "C Tin Whistle" but slid beyond it and then couldn't find it again :-) I don't find the either the "Pemperino" or the "Flagoletto inglese" that you said you found.


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> I don't find the either the "Pemperino" or the "Flagoletto inglese" that you said you found.
I assume that "Pemperino" or the "Flagoletto inglese" can only be found in the Polish language settings.
In English language settings it is "Tin Whistle" or "English Flageolet".
Not all instrument names have been translated, e.g. I see "C Tin Whistle" or "Englisches Flageolet" in the German instrument names.
(So in MuS 3.x)

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