name of instruments when export

• Mar 3, 2024 - 23:40

I wrote an arrangement for 4 cellos and I named them cello 1, cello 2 cello 3 and cello 4.
But, when I export It comes: cello, cello(1), cello(2) and cello(3).
When I print the separeted parts the parts comes with diferent names from what I named in the score.
How do I clean this automatic names of the parts?


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By default, the exported instrument names are those of the instruments chosen to create the score. I think you changed the name of your instruments by editing them directly in the score. I've done that also and it doesn't change the name of the exported part names. However if you change the instrument names via the Parts window, then you're good. The Parts window is accessible at the top of the Musescore window, in the middle, beside Mixer.

It would be nice however if instrument name editing in the score automatically updates parts names, and hence exported instrument names.

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