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• Mar 3, 2024 - 16:20

I was working on a score, and I saved it to the cloud while not logged in to my musescore account. Now, when I try to open the score, it says score invalid.
The larger Sicilliano is what I'm trying to get to, and the smaller one still opens as normal, but with a lot of missing work.

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Glad it worked!
By posting your scores here in the forum, those files were presumably copied from your cloud scores found under %localappdata%.
Since I never use "the cloud" (because it's more stuff to get broken and troubleshoot)...
...please see if you can open those files that you attached in your post and, if by your having gotten them out of a "cloud" folder, it helped make them "valid" somehow.
In other words, do the scores that you attached in your post now open for you, as they did for me?
Or are they still "invalid" for you?

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The handbook states:
"A local copy is also automatically saved on your computer."

All this cloud vs local copy stuff, plus all the various "backup" locations are not very well explained/documented.
In the forum, I've seen some people have success by moving "invalid" scores out of one of those mysterious "cloud" folder(s) into a different (normal) folder (or even the desktop). It had something to do with preventing MuseScore from looking in the cloud (online) and finding that "invalid" score all the time.

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