Two Software Bugs

• Mar 3, 2024 - 00:14

Using the latest MS4. I don't see discussion of these two specific issues. They are really just annoyances - can work around, but I thought I should report them if no one else has.

First, after I enter a line of notes for a part and save, I usually scroll back to the start of the score and click the first note in one of the staves. When I hit Spacebar to begin playback, it starts playing where I left off entering notes. I stop it, scroll back to the beginning and start again, and this time it starts where I clicked. I have not tried starting playback from the start/stop button onscreen to see if it behaves differently.

Second, occasionally it's helpful to have two windows open. I display a score on an external monitor, full screen, while I work on the other on the laptop screen. At some point without my noticing it, the standard window controls in the upper right of the external screen disappear. The window cannot be minimized or resized, nor can it be moved. The only option is to use the app menu to quit. When I reopen the score, it reappears with the same problem. I have to close both MS instances.

I hope you can reproduce these issues. Thanks for a great product and musical experience.
- R


"Using the latest MS4" - few months down the line this will not be true. Best to state the version number.

For the playback thing, mine is working as expected.
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.0-233521125, revision: eb8d33c

I only have one monitor so don't know about your second point.

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Open a short score. Add 20 measures at the end. Add 10 or 12 measures of notes. I just did whole notes. Exit note input by hitting N. Scroll to the beginning, or hit rewind, or hit Home. Select a note at the beginning (unless you hit rewind). Hit the space bar, or the play arrow. Playback starts where you left off entering notes.

But that is the only time it would do it for me. Entering more notes or going back to the beginning works after that.

Quick follow-up on these issues. I have not identified a way to deliberately cause the situation where playback starts at the measure of the last edit/save, and not at the measure where you want it to start. It still just happens intermittently.

On the other issue, losing the window controls: In my setup, I work from a Windows laptop with an old Goodwill Store monitor plugged to the HDMI port as an expanded desktop. If I drag Musescore to the side monitor and maximize it, that's when it loses the Windows controls. If I Quit MS4 to close it, MS4 remembers the position of the window, and forever after, it opens all files on the cheap monitor, without the Windows controls. To fix it, I unplugged the HDMI and opened the score again, which forces it to the main monitor. From there I can close it with the Close control in the upper right corner. MS4 remembers that, and I'm back in business. I just need to be aware of this and remember how to manage it.

Thanks, Musescoreans! - R

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You wrote:
> If I drag Musescore to the side monitor and maximize it, that's when it loses the Windows controls.

Press F11 to get the controls back.

Or try this...
Right click on the Windows taskbar (bottom of screen) and, in taskbar settings, experiment with changing a setting, like "Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode".

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