Score and parts not synchronised - large number of missing dynamics

• Mar 2, 2024 - 17:54

In "Made with MuseScore", I made a posting about my latest engraving of a Symphonie piece where also a copy of the MuseScore file is attached

I'm no finalising the proof reading and realise that a great number of dynamics items are missing in the parts although they are in the score. Examples are the hairpins in measures 17 - 25 (Horn I, II, Horn I, Horn II etc.
Is this a bug or why are the parts not synchronised with the score?

If I now add the missing hairpins in the parts, i realise they are then also "transferred" to the score. They are put on top of the already existing hairpins.

To put it short the parts are not synchronised with the score regarding hairpins etc but the score is synchronised with the parts. This appears wrong and possibly a bug.

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