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• Mar 2, 2024 - 16:31

I am new to MuseScore, so I need a little help. I have two notes that are the same hight, and I combine them with a bow, expecting them to be played back as one note. But both notes are played back as if they are meant to be two notes. Is there some way I can change that? Please see the picture below. The 8th note and half note in the first and second bare should sound as one note, not two, and the same with those notes coming after.

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I guess you want to use a "tie", but instead are using a "slur". A tie only joins notes of the same pitch and plays as a single note with the combined length of the two notes. A slur joins notes of any pitch and indicates that they are to be played legato. See the relevant entries in the Handbook's glossary

To enter a tie see

To enter a slur see

A "bow" is what you play a violin with,

or it is what you do when you have finished playing and the audience is applauding your performance

And note that it is easier to provide help and to provide more accurate help if you attach the score (.mscz file) instead of a picture of it.

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Thank you. It's not easy to see the difference between a slur and a tie, I must confess. In the Norwegian version, slur is called a bue (bow), while a tie is called a bindebue (binding bow), I see, and they both are indicated as a tie on the sheet. But you helped me out here.

In Norwegian we don't distinguish between a violine bow and a bow on the sheet, I'm afraid. At least you got my meaning. By the way, it would help if there was a difference on the sheet between a slur and a tie, but I guess tradition won't allow it.

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