First orchestral score with MuseScore

• Mar 1, 2024 - 21:20

The change from Lilypond, which I've used for 10-15 years, to MuseScore has not been easy, but I've got a lot of help in this forum or the FB group.

A few positive things with MS:
• MS has, at least in my case, been stable, only a few crashes since MS4.2.x
• On a top level, relatively easy to use, but the devil lies in the details
• MS is great for overall scores where one instrument is one part. However, not optimal if you have to create combined instrument parts for the score to fit on one page, but not optimal if you then want to create one part per instrument
• MS forum and FB group has been very helpful

I'm rarely using the playback function and if yes, I only use the MS basic sound and never try to change or optimise anything.

The last month's I've engraved three pieces for a large symphony orchestra. As I said in another posting, I'm not composing the music but in this case engraving existing handwritten scores and parts.

The first piece, hopefully completed but I’m still cross reading, is Tchaikowsky's "Pas de Deux" from the Nussknacker Suite No. 2, Op. 71b. Next week, we have the first rehearsal of this piece. It's not s very long piece, only about 75 measures but 30 different instruments.

MuseScore focus on score writing and, i.e. in principle you have to write the score as you want to seen it printed. However, to have space for all instruments on the printed score in a readable size you have to combine quite some instruments on one stave, e.g. Flute 1/2, Oboe 1/2, Clarinet 1/2 etc. This is quite normal for classical symphonic music but is not good for the musicians who only need his/her own instrument part. Hence for all combined instruments, I've also created single instrument staves but made them invisible for the score so now I have in total 39 staves. This is not optimal as you have the music in more than one place, error prone, but I didn't find a better solution for the time being.

MuseScore has become extremely slow, e.g. over 35 second to just save the score. Other operations are similarly slow. I've attached the score, maybe you can check if it's equally slow on your computer.

The other pieces I've engraved are about 5 times longer but about the same amount of instruments. Hence, with the current experience, it's possible it MuseScore become unbearable slow, i.e. in my case not usable.

My system details:
Edition Windows 11 Professional
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with Radeon Graphics
Installed RAM 16,0 GB (15,4 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Memory: 2 TB SSD
MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.1-240230937, revision: d757433

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