Can't change the width of MS4 side panels // Can't change the width of undocked Palettes

• Mar 1, 2024 - 20:31

MuseScore 4's side panels are fixed width only

In Musescore 3 we could alter the width of the sidebar panels. So, in MS3, if I have the Palettes panel in the left side panel, wideneding the left side panel makes all contained palettes simultaneously wider or narrower.

Now in MuseScore 4 the Palette panel width is locked—a regression from MuseScore 3. This is a problem because in MS3 I created custom palettes that I want to use in MS4, and they only make sense at six cells across. So I need a Palette panel in MuseScore 4 with approximately the width it had when I designed the palettes in MS3.

Can’t widen undocked Palettes panel

I am able to undock the entire Palettes panel after which I hoped to alter its width. But the undocked Panel doesn’t respond to edge drags even though—on hovering the palette's right or left edge—MuseScore displays the standard right/left double arrow:

    Double Arrow with White highlight small JB.png

MuseScore 4's Handbook references

• This v4 Handbook page does not contain the text string "wid" ... so there's no mention of "width" or "widen".

• This v4 Handbook page mentions "width""once, but with regard to cell width.

This v4 Handbook page mentions that "The undocked mixer can be resized by dragging the edges inwards or outwards." Indeed MS4's undocked Mixer and undocked Piano keyboard appear to be unique in this regard. Unfortunately the Handbook fails to mention that—within limits— one can also alter the height by dragging the bottom edge up or down. (Peculiar that when both width and height are adjustable that there's no option to drag the lower right corner.)


I wonder what “logic” led to locking the palette panel width in MS4. Is it to protect us from something? If so, what would that be? Whenever I look deeper into adopting MS4 I encounter some dysfunction, regression, feature omission or truly odd design decisions that further dissuade me. Is there really any conceivable reason that MuseScore 4 dictates the width of undocked panels, when that was an option in MS3?

Am I missing something obvious about widening docked or undocked panels issues?


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