Soundfont instrument delayed for long audio exports

• Mar 1, 2024 - 11:58

I was working on a piece that is more than 20 minutes long and the instrument with a soundfont seems to be more delayed than musesounds the further it goes to the end. There is an example I have exported from the latest nightly(1/3/24) that is a loop for 20 minutes, with piano being MuseSounds and drums as soundfont.…
(it wont show the file when i uploaded to this forum)


This has been reported on GitHub last year ( I believe it to be a Muse Sounds issue, given that the problem comes from MuseSounds playing slightly faster (in both export and playback) than all other sounds (VSTi, MSBasic and soundfonts). The issue hasn't been adressed so far, but it is no surprise, as I haven't seen it reported frequently by users (in fact you are, I believe, the first one to notice it on this forum); if you have further information on the issue, however, feel free to leave a comment or a feedback in the GitHub issue mentioned above!

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