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In MuseScore 4 how can I add in additional lyric verses at the end (appended to ) the final staff?


Do you want to have verse 1 in the score and then verses 2-28 :-) below the score by itself?

If so, click on the last measure, or on the final barline. On the menu, go to Add / Frames / Append Text Frame. Be sure to use "Append". Using "Add Text Frame" will put the text BEFORE that final measure, which looks weird. Then click on the text frame and type in the box.

One thing I've not been able to figure out how to do is to put verses (or groups of verses) side by side. That is, to have verses 2-5 in a column on the left, and then verses 6-9 in a column on the right. The only way I've been able to do that is to simply space them with spaces; tab doesn't seem to work :-(

If it is possible to do this, please tell me how!!!

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It’s not intuitive, but the way to do it is type verses 6-9 first, then select the whole column and drag it to the right while holding CTRL to keep the vertical alignment correct. Then you can click in the top left of the frame and type verses 2-5. You can have three (or more) columns of text using the same method - just remember to do them in reverse order.

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Sounds like it oughta work, but it's not working for me? :-(

1) I selected the final barline. (I tried selecting the final measure, as well: same result.)
2) Then chose Add / Frames / Append Text Frame from the main menu.
3) I entered the text for the second (right-hand!) column in the text frame.
4) I was able to move the text to the right. However, Ctrl+dragging the text did nothing. Wouldn't let me drag it at all while Ctrl was depressed. But simply dragging maintained the left-justified text. (I haven't tried centered or right-justified text.)
5) However, when I tried to click in the upper left of the text frame to enter the first (left-hand) column text, it wouldn't let me do it. It simply selected the beginning of the text in the right.

What am I doing wrong?

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I'm sorry - my instructions were written from memory and in haste, and turned out to be inaccurate.

2) Append Vertical Frame (i.e. not "Text"). Then Right-click) and select Add Text
4) Click on text to select it, then while still holding the mouse button downs, press and hold Ctrl - then you will be able to move it.
5) For the next text column, Right-click in the frame and select Add Text

and so on. Here is a video:

These instructions are for MS3. I am assuming/hoping they will work on MS4 - my PC is too old and under spec to use it. Good luck!

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Oh yeah!

do a little nerd dance

Works just as you described in MS4. I can freely move the text without pressing the Ctrl key, but pressing Ctrl holds the top of the "text box" against the top of the Vertical Frame. It doesn't hold its current vertical position within the frame (if I've moved it vertically); only moves it back to the top.

VERY KEWL!!! Thanks!!!

Now I have to go back to a handful of files where I did it manually and fix it. :-)

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