mscz files and conflicts between versions

• Feb 29, 2024 - 19:04

It's very simple, could to ask for anybody of my friend's list, if had one.

At the first glance, it seems all the files were converted to Mscore 3 version (which originally comes from 2). So, I revive the raft to bring out the old files, with the old binaries (which were saved from mscore 2 properly), and so on... curiously no one was converted, but the system recognize the origin of all the files as being from mscore 3. (I have both versions installed)

Summarizing, I need some (the oldest files at least, which were composed by version 2), opening in version 2. Why this behavior and how to solve that?

Good weekend.


You can have Mu1, Mu2, Mu3 and M4 installed in parallel. The one installed last with grab the mscz extentions (i.e. be used when you double click an mscz file), but you can either change that or right-click an mscz file and do an 'Open with' and select any of the other versions or use File > Open in the version of your choice.
As long as you don't save a score from an older version using a newer version and overwrite the old score (and override the warning it shows), all scores will retain their version, there's no automatic conversion taking place

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