Octave sign for high notes and second voice

• Feb 29, 2024 - 18:18

Does anyone know if Musescore currently has a vertical extension of the octave line? I had to make different octave signs for the two voices. But I can't apply two lines to the same staff at the same time. Has anyone encountered a similar situation?
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I also note that in addition to the notation, I also need to get the appropriate sound at the output.
If there is no solution for this problem, let me know so that I can send an appropriate request to GitHub.


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OK, lack of ability to edit start hook may be a bug. Hook from below, I guess you'd have to make one out of a separate line or graphic. For the 8 - - - - ¬ and loco - - - - on the same stave, try playing about with cross-staff beaming so that they are actually anchored to different staves but behave as if they were on the same stave.

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