Can't save changes to a score?

• Feb 29, 2024 - 17:33

I have a score which is saved to , I can ope it and make changes, but I can't save it???
I would appreciate any help an/or advice, please...


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I am still no wiser, sorry! I have a score which is saved on iCloud drive and is marked a compressed file. I can open it - and have dragged it to my desktop where I can make changes - but I can't save it? WhenI try to save it, it doesn't matter where I try to save it. The dialogue box shows Musescore 3 file (.mscz) or the option uncompressed Musescore 3file (.mscx) ? I've tried both, but to no avail? I'm left with necessary changes which I can't save? Hope you can help/advise? BTW: When I go to Top menu 'Open' the file does NOT appear?
Bill Brady

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Hope someone will pay attention to this: In spite of my request for help/info I'm more than surprised at the lack of response I've received? One reply, which I appreciate, but which didn't help? I am of advanced years and far from a computer whizz kid, but in spite of that I have figured out how to rescue, and save, my work! Fait accompli! Problem solved...
Bill Brady

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This is a user-maintained forum, not a help desk. Some people are at work, some are sleeping, none are sitting at a desk just waiting to help you.

If you wanted to contribute to the forum yourself, you could explain in detail what you did, what went wrong and how you solved the problem.

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In the ten years that I have been using MuseScore there have been occasions when I needed help. I have always thanked those who assisted me: that's my form. I apologise if you interpreted my words as critical of you and/or your colleagues; that was certainly not my intention. Keep up the good work...
Bill Brady

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The heading of your post:
Can't save changes to a score?
...seems simple enough, but mentions nothing about iCloud...
...which is a service developed by Apple Inc. (and not related to MuseScore at all).
I assume saving to iCloud is different from saving to a MuseScore folder - i.e., on your computer's hard drive.

That likely explains the dearth of responses from the MuseScore volunteers found here in the MuseScore (and not iCloud) help forum.
Anyhow, please explain how you rescued and saved your work. Doing so will expand the forum's knowledge periphery and may even help someone in the future.

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Thanks, here's my info:
The score was created in 2016 and I am sure was saved to MuseScore as per my usual practice!
I needed the score more recently and couldn't find it in MuseScore, not matter how hard I tried? I simply don't know where it went, or how? Searched everywhere - in my MuseScore folders - to no avail, I then did a search of the computer and found it on iCloud drive? I have no idea how it got there? Anyway I dragged it to my desktop, and was able to open it- thankfully - but I found errors that were not of my making. I'm a 100% certain of that. Fortunately I was able to correct those errors, but in spite of my best efforts I couldn't save them. The save dialogue box remained dimmed; I could and did opt for 'don't save' and the score closed? When I opened it again the same errors were present and my corrections had to be redone. Fundamentally I was left with no option other than to basically start again and recreate the score. I created a 'NEW' score and copied, and corrected, as much as possible from the corrupted score; and saved it! Hey presto, I had rescued my work. A pain in the rear end, but...
Hope that explains things, and helps.
Bill Brady
P.S. The 'lost' score is still on my desktop, but doesn't appear under the MuseScore menu option, or command OPEN ?

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