the 'silent metronome' plugin

• Feb 29, 2024 - 09:06

"silent metronome" looks like an oxymoron but sometimes it is useful to mark the tempo in a score (see image with this post)
so the plugin writes small colored rests that show the tempo
it should be enhanced to operate upond a selection .
the code is named cadence.qml and lies here ->
thanks for feedback

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I think it would be helpful if the rests were aligned at the same distance from the staff. Easier for the eye to follow?

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I agree with you... but how to do that?
I have thought of hacks using the line under or over the staff... but this will collide with other marks and aligning the timing is tricky (I thought having rests colored white with marks on other lines but this does not work properly)
any technical suggestion to do that?

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