Discovered: How to convert a string of unison chords to single notes

• Feb 29, 2024 - 04:34

This score is what I am working on at the moment: See Attachment 1.

I need to delete all the bottom Eb notes in bars 6–9, and similarly throughout the piece. (It's 'Questa o quella' piano part from Rigoletto.) Selecting them individually would be tedious. I could not find a way of setting up a filter to select just these notes.

Then I hit upon this method: Select one of the notes of the first unison chord in the sequence. Then choose Repitch mode. Then I just have to play in the top Eb note for all these chords, which will have the desired effect. See Attachment 2.


The only trouble was, after I had typed in some Bb notes, when I went back to processing Eb notes Musescore started choosing the lower Eb to enter. Not to worry. I just hit CMD-UP and it got back into sync.

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Thank you for sharing your discovery!

There was another simple, tricky way in 3.6.2 to select constituent notes inside chords

  1. SHIFT+drag
  2. while not releasing the mouse button (keep it pressed), press DEL

Unfortunately, this does not work on 4.2.0 anymore (havn't tested 4.2.1 yet). Also, the score viewer repositions upon releasing SHIFT.

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Well I have tried that of course, but 'drag' seems to be reserved for moving the score around on the screen. I have tried CMD-drag as in Sibelius, but that makes no difference. * I have just discovered SH-drag. (This is not documented in the MS Manual by the way. I have looked through all of that.)

SH-drag indeed starts to make a promising-looking rectangle. But as soon as I release the mouse, the rectangle expands to enclose the whole chord. So, this method is no use at all for this case. See Attachment 1.

- An unrelated property of 'selection' via rectangle: Suppose I make a rectangle selection, as in Att. 2. Then I perform an operation on the selection, in this case OPT-3, to add a note on top of all the chords in the selection. This works fine (very good!) but we have lost the selection. See Att. 3. Just one note remains selected. This behaviour does not make any sense. * Mind you, if I perform an UNDO, the selection rectangle is restored, so it hasn't forgotten the selection altogether. (Compare with MS Word, which does an excellent job of UNDO in this scenario. It's one of the things that make MS Word a pleasure to work with.)

MuseScore 4.2.1
MacOS 14.2.1.

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