Default Volume when editing

• Feb 29, 2024 - 01:23

The default playback volume seems to be Velocity 62 - which is an nice mid range volume.
However when you click on a note to edit it, it plays back at Velocity 127 - this is jarring and unnecessary.
is there a way to set the default editing volume to match the playback volume? I do not want to turn off the play while editing feature as it is useful, I just want it not to blast at me when I'm doing it.

Thanks, Frank.


I asked a similar question and while back and the response I got was that it is by design to playback at "mf" when editing. There is no setting to change it, maybe just lower your output column as a band-aide.

+1 it can be deafening! If matching the score playback is not easy then a setting to choose our own fixed velocity would be useful, (like you can already choose the fixed duration.)

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