Alternative guitar tuning issue

• Feb 28, 2024 - 18:07

Hi, I apologize for my bad English as I'm not a native English speaker; I speak Finnish natively.

As the subject line suggests, I have an issue regarding the alternative guitar tuning function that was somewhat recently introduced in Musescore 4.1 if I remember correctly. When I use it to alter the tuning to, for sake of an example, to Drop B, Musecore crashes.

To be absolutely clear, I have the latest publicly available version of Musescore 4 and I have no major complaints about it. It sometimes is slow on an occasion and lags at times, which doesn't bother me, really. But what DOES bother me is the alternative guitar tuning issue that I have been having for quite a decent amount of time.

I am not aware of such happening to others, am I the only one with said problem or do others have the same issue?


"When I use it to alter the tuning to, for sake of an example, to Drop B, Musecore crashes."
I can't reproduce it (with a single TAB staff), see GIF below.

dropped B.gif

Could you attach the score where this happens, I suppose there's something specific (a parameter, or something else) that would be good to find out.
If needed:

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No confusion, no problem. OK to check with a standard staff linked to a TAB staff

I've just tried it with the Guitar + Tablature template. I entered a few notes, then modified the tuning (for the Dropped B, and I tried some others). I can't see anything in particular.

As long as you don't say when (and in what precise scenario, with steps) you get this crash, we won't move forward.
As it's possibly related to a specific aspect of your score, I'd also reiterate that it would be appreciated if you attached that score (or simply an excerpt sufficient demonstrating the problem)

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1st, put the chart on the score on 1st measure.
2nd, show the standard tuning by clicking the eyes open
3rd, ctrl+s to save
4th, everything thus far is good
5th, click the drop down menu to show alternative tunings for the guitar strings
6th, choose an alternative tuning for the guitar strings, like Drop D
7th, computer think computer crash

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