create Philipp Exercises for Independence of the Fingers

• Feb 28, 2024 - 15:21

I'm trying to create the exercises outlined on this page.


What is the best way to do that? I would like all the notes of all exercises explicitly laid out, the two measures of each, as specified. Are there any automated ways to do it? If it is not whole process automated, are there portions that would be automated? If I had to do it manually, what would be the steps I would go through?


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Use Tools>Transpose for the second half of the measures. A plugin could probably generalize these exercises: arbitrary note sequences & rhythms

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I don't think a plugin is available. If you have some coding experience feel free to write one. See the manual on how to. You could define a mapping of fingers 1-5 to notes, a sequence of fingers/notes to be used, and set up a rhythm template with rests. The plugin will change the rests to notes as assigned. In my experience the best is to study existing plugins first (see Select API compatibility Any and press Apply) Your first plugin will be frustrating, but it gets to be lots of (frustrating) fun.

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