Notes not playing when imported from Musescore 3 to Musescore 4

• Feb 28, 2024 - 03:45

I created a Musescore 3 file of Morning Has Broken by Cat Steven. I just imported it into Musescore 4 and when I play it, random notes don't play. If I create a new file in Musescore 4 and enter the same notes, they play correctly. I tried to attached an MP3 of what is happening on my computer but this will not let me. Listen for the 2nd and 4th notes in the 4th measure. Low A doesn't not play as well as other notes in the following measure through the introduction.

Why can't I upload an MP3 so I can show you what I am hearing? Seems like MP3s should be allowed.
Thanks for you help and I love Musescore
Dave S


Known issue there the notes on the treble piano staff overlap with those in the bass piano staff.
You can't press the same key twice (or even trice)

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You can't press the same key twice but you can annotate this (usually for the benefit of simplicity/readability of the score) and the player knows how to play this. Good old J.S.Bach did this many times. So it's irritating problem in MS4. That's not an objection to your comment because I'm sure you know all that.

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