Musescore contually goes into Not Responding

• Feb 27, 2024 - 23:13

I am unable work on my Musescore project as even after entering small amounts of info it will for no reason (that is apparent) go to NOT responding.


You have posted regarding similar problems several times over the past three years including these:

You have had replies in some of those posts but have not responded.

None of your posts are helpful as they do not state what device you are using, the operating system, what PRECISELY you did to bring about a crash, what version of MuseScore etc. Also, crucially, what have you tried yourself to sort out your problem? Because it most likely is a problem with your specific setup, not MuseScore in general - but we can't be certain of this because of the lack of detail.

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Hello Thank you for your reply. I have been replying in the past as each time I made a inquiry I was told to go to another site where I ran into dead ends.
I am Using a Desk top computer, windows 10, Musescore 4.2.1 I Have been using Musescore since it was version 2 . I love the whole set up. I have had experience with other similar programs in the past but none are better than Musescore in my humble opinion.
Do you regard a not responding situation in Musescore as a crash?
When it happens it only last for up to 10 minutes. I have never timed the length of the matter.
I hesitate to send you or anyone else, my file as it seems to me that I am spreading my problem to other people.
No other program on my computer has this same problem.
Doug Treloar

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The only way anyone can help you is by looking at one of your scores.
The problem might be with you system. Or how you have MU4 set up. Or it could be in some way that you are using MU4 that it doesn't like.
No other program on your computer right now is notation software. It is.......different, shall we say.

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