No playback audio for certain instruments

• Feb 27, 2024 - 21:49

The playback audio for flute 1 and several other instruments are not playing at all, but audio for flute 2 can. Is there a bug or can this be fixed independently? I have all the instruments downloaded.


If this is MU4, I just made a score with both flutes. It works fine. Can you post a score of few measures of both flutes?

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Experiment with using Flute 1 or 2 for both instruments. The numbers do not refer to desk, but rather playing styles. Also, for testing, pan one flute left than the other right.
Your scores play fine on my system. I did notice that the F in measure six seems to be cut short by Flute 1 ,possibly making it appear to not sound. Changing to Flute 2 made it play properly.

My thoughts on Unknown Lands.
When I open this mxl in MU4, some instruments open as Basic sounds and some as Muse sounds. And the string parts are all solo parts.
The oboe is playing, but is covered up by the other instruments playing in similar ranges. When I pan the instruments, lower the dynamics to pp, and raise the oboe to f, then I hear it better.
For some reason the velocity of the oboe notes starting in measure 9 are set to five instead of 64.
Some of this could have something to do with, as JoJo mentioned, mxl instead of mscz format.

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