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• Feb 27, 2024 - 19:16

I recently started using MuseScore after years of using Sibelius and have been really impressed with how robust the software is. I'm still learning and had a simple (or perhaps not so simple) question about managing stave placement. The choir director I work with had pasted some poor image-quality antiphons together, mix-matched from different books, which I transcribed into MuseScore for better readability.

In the MuseScore document, the score spans two pages--there was a lot of white space between staves. Exporting the score to PNGs, I was able to lay them out to fit on one sheet instead of two (see PDF). Is this something I could have accomplished in MuseScore, instead of the hassle of laying out PNGs separately? I tried a lot of things in MuseScore to accomplish this after searching through the manual and previous forum posts, including changing staff properties and style settings, but was never able to reached a solution. Perhaps this is not possible, in which case I'd feel less dumb for not figuring it out.

Thanks for any help, there's no urgency, but if I can learn something here, I'd appreciate it,

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First thing to do is to remove any System or Page breaks. Then decide whether to reduce the spacing between staves (adjusted in Format >Style) or reduce the scaling (which shrinks the size of everything visually). You will need to experiment to get the result that best suits you.

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