Are any Mac Users NOT getting lag with MU4?

• Feb 27, 2024 - 17:28

HI - we have a thread running in the bug section of this forum. A whole bunch of Mac users ( and some Windows users) are getting about a half second lag between pressing on midi keyboard (or indeed clicking on a notehead and pressing a note letter on the QWERTY keyboard) and hearing the sound from Musescore 4. This problem goes away in MU3.

If you are definitely getting no lag in MU4 on a Mac it would be really helpful for you to say so and post info eg Machine type and what OS you are running. A video would be even better.

Here is a short video demonstrating no lag on MU3 and lag on MU4.

If you don't get this lag on a MAc running MU4 we would value hearing from you!


Tommy Banana

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