Adding a new stave to an existing score

• Feb 26, 2024 - 14:39

More of a comment than a question.
I was wondering how to add a New stave to an EXISTING score, and so I looked through the forum.

This question has been asked before, and I was amazed at how many folk in response linked the "Create new score" tutorials. The clue is right there in the phrase "Existing" rather than new! Some folk assumed the querant wanted to add bars to an existing score and directed folk to the ADD menu.

The key is realising that stave=instrument.
So if this is your question this is what to do, sans philosophical discussion...
(This is for MuseScore3 btw)

Edit > Instruments
The Instrument dialogue box will open.
Look down the list and through the drop down boxes in the left hand pane of the box to find the type of stave you want to add.
If you're looking for a generic treble clef stave for example, as I mostly do, choose Vocals and select voice.
Then in the middle of the two panes click "Add to score".
Use the up and down arrows on the far right of the box to rearrange the order of the staves if you need to.
Hit "OK" and Voila!
You now have a simple new stave added to your score.

There that didn't need any, "surely you mean this" or "Surely you mean that!"
The Instrument dialogue is how you add a Stave. It's as simple as that.


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