Opening files in tabs

• Feb 26, 2024 - 12:19

Hi everyone
Is it possible to open files in tabs in musescore 4, to make it easy to switch between them? I used to do this all the tme in musescore 3 and it's really frustrating not knowing how to do it now


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It would be good if musescore could revise this and reinstate this facility. I have found it very useful to be able to quickly switch between files when exploring the use of a sequence of notes over a chord progression for example and I really miss it not being there

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MuS 4 always opens other files in a new instance of the program. It's not much different from the tabs in MuS 3.x, because it's almost the same action: either click on the tab or click on the new instance. And I'm sure you can copy e.g. notes between the two (I don't use MuS 4).

As far as I know, this change was necessitated by the use of the VST instruments. Then individual settings are easier to handle or at least only then possible. There are technical reasons for this.

I am afraid that the tabs will not come back ...

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