• Feb 26, 2024 - 04:16

I have 2 major issues with musescore 4.
Firstly, no matter the dynamic markings, an instrument should be audible.
When I put my trumpets at piano in a piece, they are barely audible at all without turning them extremely high. I have seen and played many pieces in piano and not once did the trumpets become inaudible. I would greatly like this fixed so I can continue to use your service without frustration.
Secondly, the tom-tom drum is not just quite like mentioned above, it is COMPLETELY silent at piano. There is no reason for the tom-tom to be inaudible at piano. Was a sample forgotten? I say no, because even at dynamics such as mezzoforte, it is extremely quiet. I can't create mp3 files if I have to constantly be toying with the sliders mid recording.
This is extremely frustrating.


Of course, things shouldn't be that way. And they aren't on my system. Can you post a small sample score that plays back like you are saying?

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OK. Muse sounds are...what they are. And under development.
As to your mxl. Use the controls in the mixer. That's what they are for. If you need to boost the faders, do so. Also pan your score so that the instruments aren't all on top of each other. Every notation software program reads dynamics differently. So there isn't a standard. I had to raise your p to mp or mf. If you raise the faders, you might find that ff is too loud. FF may be unrealistic for a small group.
Also, in the file you posted the Eb part was set to Muse basic for some reason. And the percussion was all wrong. The BD was set to whistle, and the tom was set to something equally weird.
All this is for playback. If this is for a real group, they may treat the dynamics the way they want.
Just my thoughts.

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