Changing transposition defaults

• Feb 25, 2024 - 14:07

Hi there,

I do a lot of lead sheet transpositions.

When I use the transpose tool > options > at the bottom, it defaults to "Use double # and b." I'm constantly changing that to "Single # and b only."

Is there a way in the settings to change this default? (And it strikes me that this is backwards, as wouldn't most players prefer single #s and bs, or is that just me?)

Anyway, if it can be done, I'd love to hear about it.

Keep up with the great improvements to MuseScore 4; I'm lovin' it!

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As for me, I would just like the Transpose dialog to remember the last transposition I performed, and default to those values. I hope there is a way to adjust the default.

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There is already such a plugin (of mine) (see attached). This version is more recent than the one posted on the plugins page.
Open the plugin qml file in a plain text editor & search for 'var replist'. In that list comment out (ie type // at the beginning of the line) the ones you don't want and (carefully!!) add in the same format new ones not there yet.
If you find that too daunting supply a list of which changes you desire.
It should run in MU4 but has not been checked.

Have fun!

EDIT: I was a little hasty? On the plugins page:
you can read:
If you ask for replace 'G#' with 'Ab' (both symbols without a 'tail'), replacement will be global, i.e. all symbols containing 'G#' will be replaced, e.g. 'G#7#11' becomes 'Ab7#11' etc

So just make a replist with the 'naked' roots of the chord names. That is what you want I think...

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I just did a test where a transposed leadsheet gave me a E#m7 chord symbol and a Fxm7 chord symbol. Your recent plugin changed the E#m7 to Fm7 but left the other one with the double sharp. While I'm sure this can be fixed, is it possible to merge this code with the other plugin (note enharmonics)? I can't imagine a situation where you would want an "F" note to have an "E#" chord symbol above it.

One thing about the ReplaceChordSyms, though: It looks rather limited in terms of chord spellings. I don't mean this as a criticism. It's just that it spells out specific chord symbols to change (like "AMaj7") whereas I use "AMa7" - this may be an issue.

Your work is appreciated, though!

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Based on what I've seen in your plugin, every kind of chord in every enharmonic version would have to be in there to achieve what I want it to do, which is a hugely monstrous task and not worth the effort. Far better to avoid all this and just let us change the transposition default, which was my original point at the start of this.

(Mind you, I learned a few things about plugins this morning, so this was a worthwhile use of time.)

Keep up the good work!

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