piano keyboard suddenly doesnt let you put in notes by clicking on the keyboard and i have to restart program

• Feb 25, 2024 - 04:02

Well, you guys have done it again, you managed to disappoint me to every level about this software. And no, I'm not using MS3 bc I shouldn't have to make up for yalls petty excuses as to why your software sucks. I rarely come here anyways bc I always know you guys are just gonna tell me something like "Oh we don't have it out yet" or "Oh just do this instead" and try and be lazy and find excuses to not ever fix the issue itself.

All of a sudden, I keep having to quit the program over and over again when I'm trying to work on something after trying to input notes from the piano keyboard at the bottom of the screen. I try clicking on the note area I want, and it doesn't do anything, even though I technically could look at the staff and put it that way, but why should I have to?! like I select and press on the keyboard D4 for example, and it doesn't do anything. and yes, I have N on

Can't wait to hear yall's bullshit excuses as to why you're right and I'm somehow wrong and that I suddenly am the victim here.


By "you guys", are you addressing everyone on this user forum or are you expecting a software developer to just happen to read your post here? Either way, the complete lack of detail in your post means that no one can help.

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