Is there a way to disable midi keyboard input when alt tabbed into another program?

• Feb 24, 2024 - 07:23

I use Transcribe! in combination with MuseScore to, well, transcribe music. But often, I'll alt tab out of MuseScore while still in Note Input mode, listen to a selection of the music, and when I try to play a bit of it to hear what it sounds like, MuseScore still "accepts" the midi inputs, which I don't want in that situation (since I can't change note duration without Computer Keyboard focus as well, which gets caught by Transcribe! while alt + tabbed into it).

Obviously I could just press M before alt tabbing every time, but that's a huge pain to do repeatedly. Is there a way for MuseScore to ignore Midi keyboard inputs while the computer keyboard is focused on other programs?


I found a semi-solution that is specific to Transcribe! if anyone finds this thread someday with the same problem.

In Transcribe! you can go to File > MIDI Shortcuts and set a random key to play/pause the transcribe audio without having to alt + tab at all. You also have to change "Respond to MIDI" to "Always" at the top of the window for this to work while you are still focused on MuseScore. Then, at the bottom of the MIDI shortcuts menu, click the box and play any out of the way note or button you don't use much and click "Create or Edit Shortcut." For Command when pressed, I chose "PlaySpacebar" and I changed Command when released to "None." That way, the note I chose (in my case, Note number 84, channel 1) doubles as a play/pause button just like the spacebar would inside Transcribe!

I'd still like a way for Musescore to ignore midi inputs when alt tabbed into another program though, if anyone knows of a way for that to happen.

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