How to automatically enter "Note Entry Mode" on any midi keyboard press?

• Feb 24, 2024 - 06:24

TL;DR - Is there a way to make midi keyboard note and/or chord presses automatically enter note input mode just like computer keyboard key presses?

I am enjoying Musescore as a former Sibelius user, but one thing is CONSTANTLY interrupting my workflow.

I see that if you type a note letter on a Computer Keyboard, it automatically goes into note input mode. This is useful behavior. 👍

However, every time I want to enter a note on the midi keyboard, I have to do the completely unnecessary step of pressing the N key. Why the heck would that be necessary in the first place? There is never a situation in which I am in edit mode and press a midi keyboard note that I would not want it to enter a note on top of whatever rest or note happens to be selected. If I wanted to hear notes played without entering notes, I could just hit escape and deselect everything. The midi keyboard does literally nothing in edit mode. So I'm constantly forgetting to press N and losing my train of thought, having to take my fingers off of the number keys which again breaks my workflow and makes me have to look away from the score.

A cool feature would be to make a mouse middle click both select a note and enter note input mode in one action. The only place I can think of to do that is in Shortcuts for "enter note input mode" but that only allows key presses or combinations, not mouse clicks. I would LOVE that as a feature, especially because middle click does nothing, as far as I can tell.

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