4.2.1 - Glissando bug?

• Feb 23, 2024 - 23:29

I have a piece that uses the violin glissando. When listening back to the audio, the sound comes back with a staccato feel, unlike previous versions in which it would transition into the next note without a pause.
Is this a bug?

Thank you!


Hello! I just discovered how to do this too. If you click on the glissando and go to the "Properties" tab, and then click on "Playback", you can then edit the way the glissando sounds. I am assuming that you want a smooth slide from one note to the other for a violin piece, so the best choice would be portamento (the rest are just different types of scales from one note to the other). In my opinion, the portamento still sounds kind of wacky, so if you want to you can just turn the glissando off completely (as long as you are in a multi-instrument score) by un-checking the "Play" box. Hope this helps!

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