Suddenly my score won't play

• Feb 23, 2024 - 06:11

I uploaded a Beethoven sonata score and have been separating the piano part into individual parts (staves) for four guitars and one bass guitar. I keep getting messages that the file is corrupted, but it has been working just fine. Now, just when I have the score entirely where I want it, Musescore 4 no longer will play it. The track head just moves through the score, but there is no sound, Further, it is moving much faster than a tempo.

I was still able to export the file to a pdf file, thank goodness, but Musescore is no longer able to let me hear any sound. The whole reason I went through this is so I could play one or more individual parts to help me practice. But now it won't plan anything.


MuS 3.7 reports an incorrect measure length of bar 68 of the hidden piano staff.

The third note of the triplet in part 2 cannot be a 32nd note, it must be a 64th note. That's the reason of the reported error. I assume it should then look like this:


(I have made the note stems visible for better understanding, see the attached file [MuS 3.7]. Maybe this works without any problems.)

But that should not be the reason why the playback does not work. Try the following:

  • In Edit -> Preferences -> I/O: Restart the audio and midi devices and check the other settings
  • Close your MuseScore program and open it again.
  • Do not change the audio device (speakers <-> Bluetooth headphones for example) while MuseScore is running.

If you don't need the piano stave any more: delete it instead of correcting the error there.

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I am so grateful to you folks for taking this on and fixing the problem. I uploaded the piano score from some Internet public domain source or other. It looks like that turn ornamentation was too much for whoever prepared the score.

I copied the measure you repaired, Hilde, into the score I'm working with. I also copied that measure into the guitar part ("Gurian") that will take those notes. Next, I held my breath and deleted the piano staves from the file. No apparent problems. The rhythm seems to be fixed, but Musescore still tells me the file has been corrupted when I open or save it!

However, the error note is now different. It now says "Voice too long. Full score, measure 68, staff 1, voice 2. Found: 254/192. Expected: 2/4." Last time it was something like "Found: 98/192..." or close to that.

Odd. Well, I can use the file for my purposes for time begin, so maybe all this doesn't matter?

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Have you opened my variant and saved it again with MuS 4? Are there any errors reported?
If errors are reported again, then attach it again. MuS 3.7 does not report any errors with this score.
When pasting my corrected measure into your score, make sure that you have deleted the content of the treble piano stave before.

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I have streamlined the offending Measure 68 according to the attached file. I also fully deleted the original piano staves.
This seems to have fixed the problem. I can now open and save the file without getting the warning that it is corrupted. (No idea how all those ornamental notes got in there in the first place, but it's moot now.)

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