I can't add only one empty mesure to the rests combines next to it.

• Feb 22, 2024 - 20:38

Hello, so, I am trying to extract a part file for the timpani out of an orchestral score.
But there is only one measure that I can't combine with the other rests (I am sending an print screen of it). I have 11 rests combined and right after it an empty measure that don't go with the others..... No hidden elements are in this measure, I already selected it and press "delete".
Might someone help me please?


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That is the Musescore 4 handbook that I gave the link to. Look at that handbook article to see that you find the Break multimeasure rest by right clicking in the measure and selecting Measure properties.

If you are using UK localisation it will be "bar properties" rather than "measure properties" and "multi-bar" rather than "multi-measure".

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Hello, thanks for your help, I had a deadline so, I found a solution to justify the break that didn't go with the others. I did put my score here, but after a time, I removed it because it's my music and I don't feel ok leaving it here.

Although I didn't find a solution for my score, I made a file to attach here with only the timpani part so that you can help me understand what was the problem. When asked the timpani part, you can see, that 11 measures goes together and only one stay alone.

Thank you again!

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You have a stave text "Timpano 3" in measure 42. If you move it slightly you will see the "anchor line".


Text can only be placed in the first measure of a multi-measure rest without forcing a break. For example there is text (Afinar o timpano 2 ....etc.) in measure 31 at the start of the multi measure rest. You have text similar to "Timpano 3" In other similar places in the score where the text is attached to a measure with notes in it. I suggest you move that text to the following measure with the roll on B.

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But in this case, that is not the only problem. If you delete 'Timpano 3', nothing changes here.
I found this sequence for this measure of the timpani excerpt (timpani.mscx):


which was apparently left over from a key change or an instrument change and was not deleted - or whatever happened there. And it cannot be deleted in the score window. This looks like a bug in the code and is most likely the main cause of the problem.
Such a code section can be found several times in this file. I think this makes no sense here and only interferes in connection with a multi-measure rest.
If I delete this block in the mscx, then this measure is included in the multi-measure rest.
And of course 'Timpano 3' must also be deleted.

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Thank you so much for your help. I forgot to say, but adding this "Timpano 3" text was the "solution" that I found to justify this single bar. It wasn't the problem itself. But good to know that it was a bug. I created the score with a 4.2.0 version, and during the process of making it, I started using the 4.2.1. Maybe it was a bug cased because of this changing of version?
Anyway, thanks everyone for helping!

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