How can I make this score play like I want?

• Feb 22, 2024 - 19:22

(Segno at beginning of refrain, repeat at beginning of main verse after intro)
what I WANT:
vs 1, refrain (1st ending)
vs 2, refrain (Huge 2nd ending, includes verse melody in a different key, D.S. )
refrain (3rd ending)
vs 3 (or 4 if you like), refrain to Coda

what it DOES:
everything fine, except when it gets to the 3rd ending it ignores the repeat and falls straight through to the coda, thus completely skipping the last verse. And I don't know how to tell it to go to the coda when I actually want it to. (after the final refrain)

Thanks, I'm in musician mode right now, not tech, and I need to stay here for the next few days.....

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This kind of thing gives me a headache. I wouldn't pretend to know the best answer. But try this version.

I changed the DS, Copied the refrain after the second ending. it made the piece 9 measures longer, but I think is the order you want. Now to tend to my headache.

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Thanks, that works, and I kinda knew I could do that, but I'm kinda allergic to copying sections unless you do something radically different. (Maybe I'll put that extra refrain in Eb too, to satisfy my OCD, but I was rather proud of the progression from the Eb verse back into Bb.) It's to do with keeping my lead sheets down to 2 pages whenever possible, either on ipad or on paper. But it still fits on 2 so it's OK. Hope your headache dissipates quickly, and many thanks! :)

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Yeah, it's not really so much about computer playback. I make them for humans but if there's some standard way to do it without copying..... Never really made a study of jumps and repeats as a consumer of scores. They just sort of worked. My bass player is always complaining about charts with footnotes so I want to make them as "standard" as possible. OTOH he chokes on "normal" jumps in the Real Books as well, so what are you gonna do? Practice, maybe?

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Wow an extra Segno. That solves this problem and a lot of other ones. In Italian D.S. stands for "Dal Segno" meaning to/from THE segno, sort of implying that there can only be ONE. But I never read a rule book for MAKING this stuff, just learned what to do when I saw it.

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You have a lot of options on this topic in MuseScore.
Musescore recognizes labels (Segno, Coda) as jump destinations and these can also occur several times if you give the label different names. A second one is already prepared: Segno Variation. And some others are available if you edit the labels and click on the alpha sign.

And what appears on the sheet music is also customizable, so that you can also use different jump destinations. Just as K. Kim did by using the double segno and coda sign and labeling the jump instruction "D.S.S. al Coda".
You only need to set the markers correctly in the properties and the text in the sheet music should be understandable for the musician and can be adapted as desired.

TablEdit allows the user to create a reading list for total control of measure playback by defining sections. Maybe this would be a nice addition to MuseScore. Here's an example from the manual:

Screenshot_20240223-061613_Samsung Internet.jpg

The reading list adjusts automatically if measures are added/deleted.

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