Braille music

• Feb 22, 2024 - 16:19

How do I make it so the music braille is published bar over bar "WITH" the lyrics. I publish it as a brf and then put it into duxbury, but it only has the bar over bar music, not the lyrics. But, when I write the music the braille underneath reveals the lyrics so I don't understand why when I publish it, it doesn't include the lyrics.



In the Handbook there is a section about Braille, with a paragraph that mentions "lyrics". Does this help in any way?

Unfortunately there are very few users who contribute to the forums here on the topic of Braille, and I know almost nothing on the subject area. I had to look up BRF and Duxbury, so for the benefit of others here are some definitions:
Duxbury Systems:
.brf format:…

You must hope that a proper Braille + MuseScore expert reads this thread!

I see that MuseScore 4 exports music in .brf format:

But the format is described as "Braille (basic bar-over-bar)", which does imply a rather cut-down version of the score. It needs someone who knows the code to confirm exactly how much score detail is currently exported in .brf format (as at Mu 4.2.1). Maybe lyrics are not yet included? If I open a sample .brf export in a plain text editor, I can't actually see the lyrics which I typed in Mu4 before exporting the score.

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