Attaching groups of notes

• Feb 22, 2024 - 02:47

Please can anyone tell me how to attach groups of notes?
eg Rather than two pairs of quavers, how do you get them to be all joined within a bar?
How do you join 3 quavers after a dotted crotchet within a bar?
I've looked at "stems, flags, beams" to no avail. I find the online manual less than helpful as it is written with unfamiliar terminology (US English, not AUS English), rarely has examples of notation and I am a not so savvy tech senior.
Thank you in anticipation for any assistance.


For the three notes you wish to join, select the middle note and then the Join Beams from the beams palette. For the 4 notes, select the third note and Join Beams from the palette.

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