Fingering option needed for lute tablature

• Feb 21, 2024 - 21:26

The lute tablature features are generally excellent and look great. A major, and I think, simple enhancement would be to enable use of the guitar palette's finger numbers (and other symbols) in the MuseScore 4 lute tablature. (This can be done by inserting text numbers and reducing the font size, but this is painfully laborious.) A super-minor enhancement would be if, in addition to the ".", "..", and "..." for index, middle, and ring fingers, resp., currently shown in the guitar palette, an alternative three dot arranged with one dot centered above two dots (forming a triangle) were available, which is 17th/18th century notation for the 3rd right-hand finger. With these enhancements, I'm sure the world's lutenists will flock to MuseScore 4. :)

Thank you,

Peter Abken


It is already possible to use the fingerings of the guitar palette for the lute. Just remember to tick "Show fingering in tablature" in Staff/Part Properties (right-click the Tab Staff)-> Advanced Style properties -> Fret Marks : "Show fingering in tablature".
Next, which fingering do you use? Right hand (p,im,a), or left hand (1,2,3,4). Dots can also be used, but it's true that the three dots forming a triangle are missing.
It would be helpful if you could attach a picture to help us to understand what kind of result you're looking for. And with what type of tablature (French TAB, Italian TAB, Baroque styles, etc.)?

Hi Peter,
I am a lutenist from Italy. Recently I've been using a medieval symbol for prolation that you can find in special characters when you add > text > system text.
You can find it in > Medieval and Renaissance prolations.
Then you can drag and drop the symbol into the fingerings palette, but it's too big if you use preset guitar/lute fingering dots.
I recommend to insert as text and resize to 17.5. Finally, drag and drop in fingering palette as text to reuse it, and add to your selected blue note.
I hope I was helpful


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