New MuseHub?

• Feb 21, 2024 - 21:13

i'm missing the program "MuseHub" in my os menu. There is a "Muse Sounds manager" is it the same?

Thx, Pentatonus


On my Windows 10 laptop, "Muse Hub" appears as an application. Muse Hub is a central distribution system for the Muse group applications (MuseScore, Audacity, GuitarPro etc):

You can download MuseScore with or without Muse Hub. But if you want to use Muse Sounds, then you definitely need to use Muse Hub to manage the downloads of the various blocks of Muse Sounds. Like Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Keys, Percussion.

Extract from the 4.2 announcement:

A note for Linux users
On Linux only, Muse Hub has been renamed Muse Sounds Manager to better describe its purpose and capabilities on that platform. Muse Sounds Manager is now available as an RPM package in addition to the DEB package. A recent update removed the need for a root daemon, so it now prompts for root privileges only when required to install packages to a system folder.

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