MuseScore 4 (and 3) won't Open on Mac M1 w/Monterey

• Feb 21, 2024 - 19:07

The MuseScore app - latest versions of both 4 and 3, downloaded several times from - simply fail to start on a MacBook Air M1 running macOS Monterey 12.6.

When I click on the MuseScore app to Open it, I see its icon start to bounce up and down in the Mac's Dock, but the app never actually opens. The MuseScore icon will keep bouncing up and down in the Dock until I "Force Quit" the app. In the Force Quit window, I can see MuseScore in the list of running apps, but unlike a truly frozen app, the window does not show that MuseScore is "not responding."

A newer MacBook Air with M2 processor running OS Sonoma does not have this problem, so that MuseScore 4 and 3 both open and run properly. The M1 Mac at issue has its Security Preferences set so to Allow applications Downloaded "from the App Store and identified developers. "

What could be keeping the MuseScore app from Opening and running on this Mac?

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