Any ideas for the accompaniment?

• Feb 21, 2024 - 16:39

I like the main part, it's right what I wanted, but it definitely needs some background. At first, I wanted just to repeat measures 1-4 for the rest of the tune (maybe with some alterations to keep it consonant), but I did not like the result. It could be OK if all notes of the main were equal (quarters), but they are far from that. So, a repeat of the same rhythmic pattern is not a good idea. Any suggestions? I don't insist on piano and chords, maybe another instrument will be better here (even the 1–4 measures may be removed, but some intro is needed). But the backing should be simple to remain backing and not to take the attention from the main.
Please save your suggestions as mxl, NOT mscz, for MS2 compatibility. I cannot open MS3 mscz files!

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Yes, that's what I said - I want to keep it simple, and xml works both for MS2 and MS3. By "my version", did you mean MS2? No problem with this format.
So, your idea is repeating the 2/4-1/4-3/4 structure? How do you suggest filling the gaps between the song lines? Just with whole-measure notes? Should they be the same for every gap?

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