Easy use of custom symbols (standard positions)

• Feb 20, 2024 - 22:22

Unfortunately, I have to use custom symbols a lot, mostly ornamentations for Persian music.

I'm happy that it's possible to drag SVG files to the score and then the palette. But still it is really difficult to use them. When I use the same SVGs I've been using with Musescore 3, it's impossible to make them visible in the palette. They remain hidden somewhere. But still it's possible to find them by renaming them.

My main issue is that I have to reposition each of them individually. I really wish it was possible to set a standard position for each custom SVG, as all included symbols appear at a certain position when you enter them. My custom symbols I use always over or under the note or system, or some of them between two notes. Would be really great this could be fixed in the palette options.



I encountered palette item visibility issues back in MS3.6.2, particularly with SVG graphics.

The palette item preview positioning issue is discussed at the bottom of this thread:


I haven't check on SVG import and palette related issues in MS4. Is that what you're using?


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