MusicScore 3 versus 4, pluses and minuses, and desired changes

• Feb 20, 2024 - 17:58

I. The pallets in MuseScore 3 can be stretched to various sizes. I can't seem to do the same in MuseScore 4, and I need to be able to, especially with the chords pallet. ( see the attachment image ).

II. Is there a way to open multiple files in MuseScore 4 without creating another, separate icon, as we are able to in MuseScore 3?

III. I have been using MuseScore for the best part of a year and a half and I really enjoy the program. I purchased Guitar Pro 8, 2 months ago. And even though it has some nice features, mainly the ability to add an audio track, I still find myself going back to MuseScore for the following reasons: guitar pro eight cannot save and use chord pallets in new files. MuseScore has the ability to add note names to the notes, and as a learner I needed that. Also I am super thrilled that MuseScore allows so many more elements to be perfectly positioned on the screen! This is extremely useful for me as I am adding various notes, and prior to printing out I can adjust the positionings just the way I need them. Great job team!

IV. Are you considering adding the ability to sync a music track to the score?

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