How To: Duplicate A Part?

• Feb 19, 2024 - 16:21

I have MuseScore 4 on a Windows 11 Pro DAW.
I'm trying to copy/double the Lead Guitar eFX part.
I clicked on parts and duplicated the part I want, but the change was not reflected in my view of the score or the the mixer. I also tried adding an instrument, which adds a blank line to the score. My next attempt at adding an instrument was an experiment with linking the instrument to an existing part, which also appears to mean something different from what I assumed the instructions meant. I wish this could be as simple as copying/doubling a track in Reaper of Ableton.

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After you add the new instrument, select the first measure of the original instrument. Hit END. SHIFT+Select the last measure of the original part. This will select the entire part. Hit CTRL+Copy. Hit Home. Select the first measure of the new part. CTRL+Paste.

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