String tunings: show "fretted notes" instead of sounding notes?

• Feb 18, 2024 - 20:53

Is it possible, with an alternative string tuning (scordatura), to let the notes appear as if fretted with standard tuning?

For the special case that all strings are tuned down 1/2 step, 1 step, etc., a solution (rather a workaround) is described in the manual ( It involves the transposing feature in the stave/part properties. However, this is designed not for scordature but for transposing instruments and, as said, only works for the special case of an all-string same-step detuning.

Other tuning styles would also require notes to be shown and printed as if fretted in standard tuning. E.g. Nashville tuning has the lower 4 strings an octave higher than in standard tuning. If the notes are written as sounding, notes played on the lower strings would be very near the notes of upper strings, and the player would never know where to fret them.

Any ideas?


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We are still waiting for new Plugin API for MU4.

There are many sthings in Scordatura plugin, which dont work in MU4.
But I hope,one day it will be possible to adapt it. Or will develop scordatura directly into program.

How it works: In short, You need two staves, one for standard notation and one for scordatura notation. Than You need to set tunings. And thats it. Once You write something in Standard tuning, plugin traanslates it into scordatura (and vice versa).

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